Karin Severed Gerlach

about me

Karin Severed gerlach

about me

I simply love capturing beautiful things on paper and making stories come alive, with a mix of reality and imagination and much attention to detail. Drawing and painting have been my favourite things to do since I was a little girl. I have practiced various techniques but today I mainly work with pencil, aquarelle and oil pastelle.

I was born in 1985 and am Swedish but have spent 12 years abroad, currently living in Berlin with my husband and our son. Aside from creating, I love spending time with my family, travelling and running and find inspiration doing these things.

My debut as a published Children’s Book Illustrator came with the Swedish book Ingen vill vara med Elin (Visto Förlag), which is now available straight from the Author Elin Bisander as well as in book shops and libraries.

Get a sneak peak inside the book here!

“De fina akvarellillustrationerna av Karin Severed Gerlach ger en mjuk ton till berättelsen.”

(Ur recension av Bibliotekstjänst, lektör Agneta Warheim, publicerad i BTJ-häftet nr 8, 2019).

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